Our authors are all highly trained professionals in the teaching and training field and have years of experience in classrooms across the world. This experience feeds into their writing ensuring that their materials are based directly on the reality of the language classroom. See below to find out more about them all, both inside and outside the classroom!

Tom Ottway

Tom is an experienced trainer & writer. His specialist areas include Educational Technology, EAP, Business Training, CPD and Educational Consultancy. Tom has worked in Australia, Syria, Yemen, Spain and Britain as an ELT teacher/trainer. He is an approved CELTA trainer, and teacher trainer.

He has written a wide variety of educational books and courses, and is Head of English at the University of Sussex International Study Centre. He is very interested in the potential of interactivity and multimedia in E-Learning and M Learning, and learning in general. He is currently co-managing an EU mobile learning project called LingoBee for Study Group students at the University of Sussex.


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