Next Step

Next Step is a four-level course that takes students from elementary to intermediate
level, following the Common European Framework objectives.
Simon Brewster, Carol Lethaby

Next Step is a four-level course taking students from elementary to intermediate level. It offers a comprehensive grammar syllabus, guiding students to discover grammar and language, and provides plenty of opportunities for further practice. It also features class projects and a magazine, and encourages the use of new technology and media.

With Next Step students will:

improve their pronunciation and speaking skills, with special emphasis on these activities

practice and personalize the language and self-evaluate their learning

participate in motivating, age-appropriate projects

Student’s Book  
Practice Book  
Interactive CD-ROM  
Teacher’s Book  
Teacher’s CD Pack with Class Audio and Editable Tests  
Digital Book  
For Students Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student’s Book  9786070604126  9786070604133  9786070604140  9786070604157
Interactive CD-ROM  7506009831070  7506009831087  7506009831094  7506009831100
Practice Book  9786070604164  9786070604171  9786070604188  9786070604195
For Teachers Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Teacher’s Book  9786070604201  9786070604218  9786070604225  9786070604232
Posters  7506009808454  7506009808461  7506009808478  7506009831032
Teacher’s CD Pack  7506009809185  7506009809192  7506009809208  7506009809215
Digital Book  9786070613081  9786070613104  9786070613074  9786070613050
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