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Thumbs Up! Second Edition

Thumbs Up! Second Edition

Category: Primary
Authors: Sarah Fash, Suzanne Harris, Martyn Hobbs, Julia Keddle
Number of levels: 6
Levels: Beginner to Pre-Intermediate

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The second edition of this popular six-level series for primary. Thumbs Up! lets young students discover grammar rules at their own pace and lets them focus on meaning, rather than form, as they would with their mother tongue. It develops their critical thinking skills and creativity through the use of comics, videos, games, poems and songs. The new edition also includes a new Practice Tests Booklet.

Key Features
Structured reading skills programme with original stories
Comprehensive phonics, pronunciation and spelling programmes
Six-level writing programme
Thumbs Up! Gang comic strips which allow students to reflect on different values
Practice tests to familiarise students with the format of Cambridge exams