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We are a specialist in English Language Teaching, our aim is to champion the English language and support those who teach and learn it, by offering the latest in product design and classroom methodology.

We offer a complete range of print and online ELT resources for young learners, teenagers and adults. We are committed to the development of appropriate, dynamic and innovative teaching materials. Continual teacher development for your teaching staff and institution form the foundation of our service.

Our objective is to provide solutions for both educators and learners in all of the countries in which we operate, while respecting the uniqueness of each country and culture.

A Richmond educator counts on innovative print and digital content that meets their current needs and anticipates how they’ll be teaching in the future. As an additional benefit, Richmond’s team of education specialists closely monitor the ever-changing challenges and opportunities that crop up in all types of classrooms.

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From preschool to young adults, our complete and innovative educational solution is the best path to learning
  • Students at the heart of learning

    Students at the heart of learning

    Students are our inspiration! We want to empower them to take an active role in their own learning process, so our resources and content encourage their intellectual development and participation in constructing the world they live in.
  • Development of global citizens

    Development of global citizens

    We believe that we can use English Language Teaching to support students with strategies and knowledge to adapt to a constantly changing world. Our materials develop life skills like mindfulness, social and emotional skills, global and cultural awareness, and citizenship.
  • Respect for diversity

    Respect for diversity

    Diversity enriches our strengths, and consequently our capacity to share them to discover and develop solutions. We respect diversity by designing thoughtful materials that teach and encourage inclusivity, tolerance, open-mindedness and cooperation; and that set examples of valuing difference, uniqueness and individuality.
  • Technology with a human touch

    Technology with a human touch

    Educational technology is essential for learners and teachers nowadays, when learning takes place in hugely varied contexts and with quite different goals. Understanding this is the key to ensuring positive, personal learning experiences and determines how we develop the design, function and medium of all our resources.
  • Cutting edge educational solutions

    Cutting edge educational solutions

    Education means teamwork! Together, we encourage your students’ learning and enrich your teaching. We personalize programs for your school based on its needs and your classroom reality; our cutting-edge materials and array of assessment options motivate your students; and our academic teams support and train you and your colleagues. Together, our solutions offer the best possible route to learning success.

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With our comprehensive range of innovative print and digital materials for the 21st century, we have a solution to support you, whatever your classroom style or situation.

Our personalized educational packages incorporate a trackable learning platform, print materials, a sophisticated reading platform, international certification, diagnostic tests for students, and teacher training – ensuring English language teaching and learning is thorough, dynamic, and successful!