Global Education: Richmond Solution Shines as a Finalist in the BETT Awards2024


Global Education: Richmond Solution Shines as a Finalist in the BETT Awards2024

by Richmond

London, November 16, 2023

Richmond Solution, a leader in educational solutions for English learning in Latin America, proudly announces its selection as a finalist for the prestigious BETT Awards 2024 in the International Digital Educational Resource category.

BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show), acknowledged as the global leader in educational technology, hosts the renowned fair and award ceremony bearing its name. It’s worth noting that BETT is organized by BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) an entity advocating for excellence in educational supplies and resources. With events held worldwide, including in Brazil, Asia, and its primary location in the United Kingdom, BETT stands as a global reference in education and technology, attracting educational leaders, innovators, and prominent companies from across the sector.

The BETT Awards aim to recognize digital educational resources that have demonstrated outstanding international success. They rigorously evaluate criteria such as product suitability, innovation, parental accessibility, digital inclusivity, GDPR compliance, online security, among other fundamental aspects. The International Digital Educational Resource category highlights products with a track record of success in the global education market, supporting teaching and learning processes in schools and institutions worldwide.

Richmond Solution takes pride in being acknowledged as a finalist in this highly competitive category, standing out as the sole Latin American representative among the global finalists. Our educational system distinguishes itself by aligning with educational curricula, offering innovation, accessibility for families, digital inclusivity, compliance with online privacy regulations, supported by extensive research evidence, robust customer support, and a commitment to the SDGs.

“This recognition as a finalist in the 2024 BETT Awards is testament to Richmond Solution’s dedication to excellence and innovation in delivering quality digital educational resources on an international scale,” stated Luke Baxter, Richmond’s Digital Publisher. “We feel honored by this recognition and we are committed to continue offering educational solutions that positively impact English language learning globally.”

The BETT 2024 Awards ceremony will take place on January 24, 2024, in London, the United Kingdom, where winners in each category will be announced and awarded.

About Richmond Solution

Richmond Solution leads educational systems for teaching English in Latin America. It is an innovative educational system designed by Santillana to collaborate with schools in transforming their English programs. Its value proposition lies in showcasing students’ linguistic competence progress through personalized teaching and learning experiences via academic consultancy, the use of educational technology, and ongoing systematic evaluation. Learn more about Richmond Solution and its educational solutions for English learning by visiting our website at

About BETT

BETT is a leading worldwide educational organization and fair focused on educational technology and digital transformation in teaching and learning. It brings together educators, leaders in educational technology, companies, educational service providers, and professionals in the field to showcase the latest innovations, tools, and resources aimed at enhancing education. It is a space for cutting-edge conferences, workshops, and exhibitions that foster discussions and the exchange of ideas on the future of education.

The list of finalists can be found at BETT Shortlist.