How can I incorporate digital reading into my classroom?

by Richmond

It isn’t news that the younger generations navigate the web fluently in the digital world. In it, they carry out endless activities: they learn, interact, build identities, and generate content, among many others. In this sense, reading practices have definitely changed.

Therefore, our actions inside the classroom cannot neglect this change. This may seem scary at first, but it is important to clarify that the fact that our students seem to master virtuality doesn’t imply that they optimize these resources. That’s why teachers’ roles continue to be primordial.

However, digital reading is not without its challenges, such as the immense amount of information and multiple distractions that often arise. Consequently, one of the objectives of incorporating it into the classroom is to generate significant experiences that transform the network’s potential into a resource for literacy and permanent knowledge.

At this point, you’ve probably wondered where to start. First and foremost, it is necessary to start with clear learning objectives. Remember that this is about incorporating digital reading into our program, not the other way around. The resources and activities we choose must have a pedagogical sense and an obvious purpose.

In that regard, it’s time to explore and choose tools that will aid us in our work and that, at the same time, will offer engaging experiences for our students. The most important thing is how you use the resources, not how striking or innovative they appear. Let’s listen to the premise of ‘less technology, more pedagogy’.

Thus, accompanying reading is essential. Likewise, combining activities and formats is crucial. That is why printed reading continues to be relevant, as do writing practices that accompany readings and encourage imagination and teamwork.

In summary, digital reading is another activity inside the virtual world in which our students are immersed. As teachers and educators, it is our job to foster skills that comply with clear academic objectives, while providing valuable pedagogic experiences. Exploring tools and combining them enriches every task and contributes to our main objective, which is that digital reading permeates our classroom and has the greatest positive impact possible. So, let’s get to work!