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English ID 2nd Edition

  • Hours per week 80-120

  • Levels 4

  • American English

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English ID 2nd Edition builds on all the successful features of the hugely popular first edition of English ID.

This engaging four-level series for adults and young adults has uniquely been specifically designed to accelerate early fluency for Spanish and Portuguese speakers in Latin America.

Offering 80–120 hours of material per level, this flexible course accelerates the learning process with a range of exciting strategies. It encourages students to express themselves confidently, and thus develop their ‘English ID’.

A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

New and improved features:

  • Updated texts that access the many hundreds of cognates between English and both Spanish and Portuguese from Day 1. We include up to 25% more of these ‘easy to recognize, learn and use' words per level!
  • A syllabus of Common mistakes in every lesson to help learners avoid typical L1 translation errors
  • Simplified grammar flow and lots more grammar activities.
  • New well-known songlines, offering an authentic language connection in every lesson
  • All ID Café lessons reworked to include Make it Personal activities
  • More guided, process writing lessons now integrated into units
  • More listening, with relevant pronunciation and spelling help tailored to our students, via the Notice tasks in the famous colorful audio scripts
  • New interleaved Teacher’s Book, which includes language tips focusing on problematic areas for Spanish and Portuguese learners, as well as a bank of activities for exploiting each songline in the Student’s Book
  • Extensive new and improved activities on the Richmond Learning Platform.
  • Together with IDentities 1 and IDentities 2, this can form a 6-level course taking students from Beginner to a strong C1 level.

Components and resources

Student’s Book



Learn more about English ID 2nd Edition: Student’s Book

Learn more about English ID 2nd Edition: Workbook

Learn more about English ID 2nd Edition: RLP

Teacher’s Book


Learn more about English ID 2nd Edition: Teacher’s Book

Learn more about English ID 2nd Edition: RLP


For Students Starter Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student's Book 9788466825818 9788466826068 9788466825573 9788466826112
Workbook ------- 9788466830553 9788466830584 9788466830560
e-Student's Book ------- 9788466835343 9788466835350 9788466835299
e-Workbook ------- 9788466831680 9788466831741 9788466831734
Student's Book A (Units 1-5) 9788466835329 9788466834582 9788466834636 9788466834599
Student's Book B (Units 6-10) ------- 9788466834575 9788466834643 9788466834605
Student's Book & Workbook Split A ------- 9788466832502 9788466832465 9788466832526
Student's Book & Workbook Split B ------- 9788466832489 9788466832519 9788466832533
eStudent's Book Split A 9786070617935 9786070617805 9786070617829 9786070617904
eStudent's Book Split B ------- 9786070617812 9786070617836 9786070617850
eStudent's Book and eWorkbook Split A ------- 9786070617867 9786070617881 9786070617904
eStudent's Book and eWorkbook Split B ------- 9786070617874 9786070617898 9786070617911
For Teachers Starter Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Teacher's Book 9788466830478 9788466830515 9788466830522 9788466830577

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