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  • Hours per week 60-80

  • Levels 4

  • British English

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@work is the perfect course for anyone who needs to communicate in English at work, regardless of their profession or job title. @work brings a light-hearted, nonexecutive approach to English language learning and is also suitable for pre-work tertiary students. Available at four levels, the material offers a minimum of 60 hours of study, but can be extended with additional digital components to meet the varying needs of different students. These include the interactive digital workbook, and the online Business Theories series. Whatever the industry, whatever the job, @work will suit any employee, preparing them to conduct business outside the classroom.

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With @work, students will:

  • learn get-the-job-done language while avoiding business English clichés.
  • practice writing emails with a 12-page writing section with tips on style, tone, grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • the skills programme is alligned to the CEFR Occupational Domain

Components and resources

Student’s Book


Audio CD



Learn more about @work: Student’s Book

Learn more about @work: Workbook

Learn more about @work: Audio CD

Learn more about @work: eWorkbook

Learn more about @work: RLP

Teacher’s Book

Class Audio

Digital Book


Learn more about @work: Teacher’s Book

Learn more about @work: Class Audio

Learn more about @work: Digital Book

Learn more about @work: RLP


For Students Elementary Pre-intermediate Intermediate Upper-intermediate
Student’s Book 9788466813570 9788466813631 9788466814058 9788466814119
Pack @work (WB+CD) 7506009838888 7506009841420 7506009839632 7506009841444
eWorkbook 8431300228429 8431300228450 8431300228481 8431300228511
For Teachers Elementary Pre-intermediate Intermediate Upper-intermediate
Teacher’s Book 9788466813600 9788466814027 9788466814089 9788466814157
Class Audio CD 8431300228405 8431300228436 8431300228467 8431300228498
Digital Book 8431300228412 8431300228443 8431300228474 8431300228504

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