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Pathway to Science: Enhanced Digital Edition

  • Hours per week 4

  • Levels 6

  • American English

Pathway to Science: Enhanced Digital Edition is based on the Scientific Method, where students observe, question, experiment and discover the world around them. As this version is only available online, all the activities are fully interactive, with integrated audio and video. Learners also develop competencies in science while developing their English language proficiency. The course includes contents aligned with the program Exploration and Comprehension of the Natural and Social World, published by the Mexican Ministry of Education in 2017.

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With Pathway to Science: Enhanced Digital Edition, students will:

  • interactively observe, question, experiment and discover the world around them through motivating, educational activities online.
  • perform a hands-on practical experiment for each topic in the Science Lab lesson.
  • explore competencies in science while advancing and enriching their English language proficiency.
  • satisfy your and their curricular needs through a broad range of scientific topics.
  • experience blended learning and the flipped classroom with the new enhanced online-only format.
  • have fun and learn simultaneously with videos from The Happy Scientist and Developing Experts.

Components and resources

eStudent's Book

Audio and Video

Additional interactive activities

Learn more about Pathway to Science: Enhanced Digital Edition: eStudent's Book

Pathway to Science: Enhanced Digital Edition guides students step by step to learn interactively about the world around them. Clearly labeled sections help them to connect with, practice and summarize the topics they are studying. Students also perform a hands-on experiment in each topic, following experimental procedures in the practical Science Lab lesson. The eSB also contains useful tips, universal values, and fully interactive activities throughout each topic. The online-only format increases flexibility for both you and your students.

Learn more about Pathway to Science: Enhanced Digital Edition: Audio and Video

Both you and your students have access to one video or audio program per topic. The audio and videos are very similar to podcasts – segments expanding on the information covered in the Student’s Book and Teacher’s Guide. These components not only serve as motivating, informative extensions to the topics explored, but also include a worksheet each for your students to perform different activities before, during and after listening or watching.

Learn more about Pathway to Science: Enhanced Digital Edition: Additional interactive activities

Students can also access fun, didactic, fully-interactive activities to help them practice and review the course topics. They receive instant feedback from these activities and their scores enter directly into your Markbook.


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Pathway to Science E-SB 9786070617546 9786070617553 9786070617560 9786070617577 9786070617584 9786070617591

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