Adult/Young Adult: The BIG Picture

The BIG Picture

British English Edition
The Big Picture is a beautifully designed six-level general English course for adult
and young adult learners.
A1 BEGINNER Student’s Book (9788466815673)
A2 ELEMENTARY Student’s Book (9788466820769)
B1 PRE-INTERMEDIATE Student’s Book (9788466820776)
B1+ INTERMEDIATE Student’s Book (9788466820783)
B2 UPPER INTERMEDIATE Student’s Book (9788466820790)
C1 ADVANCED Student’s Book (9788466815727)







Number of Levels

6 Starter to Advanced

Number of classroom hours

90 - 120 hours

Bess Bradfield, Simon Brewster, Ben Goldstein, Alastair Lane, Carol Lethaby, Mark Lloyd, Ceri Jones (Series Editors)

The Big Picture is a beautifully designed six-level general English course for adult and young adult learners. It uses striking imagery to present core vocabulary and encourage critical discussion. The content is genuinely international and the course takes a refreshingly new look at many familiar topics.

Author Interview

Watch a video interview with Big Picture author series editor Ben Goldstein. In this interview he talks about the goals and outcomes in using The Big Picture. Ben has been a teacher, teacher trainer, and author for many years, and has worked all over the world.

Read an interview with Big Picture series editor Ceri Jones. Ceri has worked in ELT since 1986. She has worked as a teacher, trainer and educational manager in Italy, Hungary, Spain and the UK.

Ceri Jones Interview

With The Big Picture students will:

develop their language skills through an integrated core vocabulary syllabus, functional language pages focusing on practical, everyday English, and extra skills development sections in the workbook

perform Bring It Together skills-based tasks

experience blogs, vodcasts and other fun widgets on the Richmond Learning Platform

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Download PDFs of the sample pages for each level of The Big Picture.

Level  Student’s Book  Workbook  Teacher’s Book  Vodcast
Beginner   Unit 4 Unit 4 (.zip)   Unit 4   Unit 4   Beginner
Elementary   Unit 5 Unit 5 (.zip)   Unit 5   Unit 5   Elementary
Pre-Intermediate   Unit 2 Unit 2 (.zip)   Unit 2   Unit 2   Pre-Intermediate
Intermediate   Unit 3 Unit 3 (.zip)   Unit 3   Unit 3   Intermediate
Upper Intermediate   Unit 6 Unit 6 (.zip)   Unit 6   Unit 6   Upper Intermediate
Advanced   Unit 4 Unit 4 (.zip)   Unit 4   Unit 4   Advanced
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