Our authors are all highly trained professionals in the teaching and training field and have years of experience in classrooms across the world. This experience feeds into their writing ensuring that their materials are based directly on the reality of the language classroom. See below to find out more about them all, both inside and outside the classroom!

Daniel Barber

Daniel started teaching by accident 20 years ago in a secondary school in Mexico. He enjoyed the experience enough to do his cert on his return to Britain and get a job in a language school. He worked in Oxford and then London, clawed his way up to lower management, then moved to Barcelona. There he began teacher training. In 2003 he moved to Cádiz in the south of Spain, where he helped to open and run a language and teacher training school. He has worked on short stories for learners (Macmillan) and is a writer for the Richmond series The Big Picture.

He is interested in learner autonomy, teacher development, motivational aspects of learning, neuroeducation, the lexical approach, receptive skills development, productive skills development, materials development…



Luiz Otávio Barros

Luiz Otávio Barros (MA Hons in Applied Linguistics, Lancaster University) has been teaching, training teachers, designing language courses and writing ELT materials since 1992. Formerly academic coordinator at Cultura Inglesa São Paulo, where he was responsible for the advanced levels, as well as COTE, DOTE and DELTA tuition, head of research and development at Associação Alumni São Paulo, where he was in charge of the adult segment, and BRAZ-TESOL’s second vice president, Luiz Otávio is co-author of Richmond’s English ID, Identities and the new Young Adult course Personal Best, as well as series editor of Access, published by Richmond Brazil. He has also self-published The Only Academic Phrasebook You’ll Ever Need, available on Amazon.



David Bolton

After studying English Language and Literature at Durham and York universities David Bolton taught English as a Foreign Language in Sweden, Spain and then in Bristol, England for over twenty years. He then put what he had learnt in the classroom to practice and wrote a number of secondary school courses for various British publishers including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Longman. These courses were used by both lower and upper secondary classes.

At the same time he developed an interest in how best to explain and practise English grammar at these levels. Whilst learning to scuba dive, he used a text book which explained the theory and practice of the sport in bite-sized chunks or manageable steps with constant check questions for reinforcement. He had the idea that this method could be used to teach English grammar. This led to the writing and publication of English Grammar in Steps, co-authored with Noel Goodey and published by Richmond. Grammar Practice in Context, which revised the same essential grammar rules and then practised them in context was a follow-up to this book and is used by students all over the world either in the classroom or for self-study.



Bess Bradfield

I’m a writer who’s been lucky enough to work on a wide range of ELT materials, including international courses, schoolbooks, exams, websites, games and stories. I particularly enjoyed writing the Target FCE course for Richmond, and relished the challenge of making exam preparation interesting and accessible (definitely not impossible!). I’m interested in many aspects of English language learning, but especially in developing students’ confidence and ability in skills work; using authentic, engaging contexts; and above all, in making the learning experience enjoyable, motivating and rewarding.

My first experience of teaching ELT was at Tuzla University in Bosnia, where I probably learnt more than the students, but came away feeling fascinated and inspired. In addition to teaching and writing, I’ve also worked as an editor and a lexicographer. I spent over two years updating entries for the Oxford English Dictionary, where I added the British idioms ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ and ‘who ate all the pies?’ (Sorry about that!)

I have a first-class BA in English Literature from Cambridge University and an MA with Distinction from York. I’m still very passionate about reading, writing and learning. I’m a keen walker, and enjoy exploring beautiful Yorkshire, inspiration for the Brontë sisters – and Bram Stoker’s Dracula!



Simon Brewster

I have been involved in teaching ELT and management for over 30 years mainly in Mexico but also for shorter spells in the UK and Italy. I spent 3 years living in Africa when I was a boy and this was what really awakened my interest in other cultures and languages. Teaching English as a Foreign Language and writing textbooks has enabled me to come into contact with many teachers and students in different countries and that has been a fantastic experience. My present job at the Anglo Mexican Foundation involves English teaching and formal education and I am still learning a lot about both areas.


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