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The BIG Picture

  • Hours per week 90-120

  • Levels 6

  • British English

The BIG Picture is a highly visual six-level course for adult and young adult learners.

Real-life, relevant, international contexts combined with striking images to engage the learner in this beautifully designed series providing 90-120 hours of core classroommaterial. It also offers students and teachers access to the Richmond Learning Platform, a comprehensive online resource which includes interactive activities and a user-friendly test generator.

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With The BIG Picture, students will:

  • develop their visual literacy through activities based on meaningful, thought provoking images.
  • appreciate the diversity of spoken English today with a large variety of native and nonnative voices.
  • explore cultural contexts through different global perspectives.
  • improve their vocabulary and everyday conversation skills through a fully integrated core vocabulary syllabus with functional language.

Components and resources

Student’s Book



Learn more about The BIG Picture: Student’s Book

Learn more about The BIG Picture: Workbook

Learn more about The BIG Picture: RLP

Teacher’s Book

Class Audio

Digital Book


Learn more about The BIG Picture: Teacher’s Book

Learn more about The BIG Picture: Class Audio

Learn more about The BIG Picture: Digital Book

Learn more about The BIG Picture: RLP


For Students A1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1
Student’s Book 9788466815673 9788466820769 9788466820776 9788466820783 9788466820790 9788466815727
The Big Picture Pack (WB+CD) 7506009839595 7506009834248 7506009834255 7506009835627 7506009835634 7506009839618
For Teachers A1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1
Teacher’s Book 9788466815697 9788466810579 9788466810609 9788466810630 9788466810661 9788466815741
Class Audio CDs 9788466815703 9788466812801 9788466812825 9788466812849 9788466812870 9788466815758
Digital Book 9788466815710 9788466812818 9788466812832 9788466812863 9788466813556 9788466815765

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