Amanda and Friends

When working with Amanda and Friends teachers will quickly see how each lesson
builds on the previous ones and how the units and objective content slip into place
satisfyingly like jigsaw pieces.

When working with Amanda and Friends, teachers will quickly see how each lesson builds on the previous ones, and how the units and objective content slip satisfyingly into place like jigsaw pieces.

The content presentation follows a consistent sequence with vocabulary first, followed by a concept, then a story, and finally consolidation. As well as ensuring the range of material is appropriate, correctly approached, attainable for children and complies with educational legislation, the main value of Amanda and Friends lies in how it makes the learning experience fun and enjoyable.

 Each unit is divided into four lessons, each with a specific objective, respectively, to introduce vocabulary, a concept, a story and finally unit consolidation.

But the underlying objective is to achieve this by engaging the children completely and by facilitating in every way possible the teacher’s task.

A wealth of resources is provided to help and the lesson notes meticulously detail the best way to optimise their use.

 Student's Book  
 Songs and Stories CD  
 Amanda and Friends website
- Fun, interactive Game Center
- Videos
- Songs and Stories audio
- Letters to parents
 Teacher's Book  
 Teacher's Resource Book  
 Teacher’s Audio Material  
 Posters and Poster pop-outs  
 Story cards (large format)  
 Flashcards and Flashcard cube  
 Teacher’s i-solutions
- Step-by-step lesson plans
- Video material
- Interactive Routine poster
- Game Generator
- Editable worksheets
- Flashcard bank
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Student’s Pack
(Stickers + Songs and Stories CD + Pop-Outs)
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For Teacher  Level 1 Level 2  Level 3
Teacher’s Pack  9788466828253  9788466827737  9788466828659
Teacher’s Resource Book  9788466829328  9788466829076  9788466829854
Teacher’s i-solutions  8431300288263  8431300285361  8431300294363
Teacher’s Audio Material  8431300292192  8431300292796  8431300285927
Story cards  8431300916210  8431300916050  8431300910324
Flashcards and Flashcard cube  8431300911277  8431300911727  8431300920699
Phonics Big Book  9788466826983  9788466827133  9788466825757
Posters and Poster pop-outs  8431300288522  8431300288591  8431300288638